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The notion of narod in Russia

In the common language, the Evenk think of themselves as constituting a ´ people ª narod just like the Russians. This term implies the possession of their own cultural and ethnic characteristics, but does not correspond to a precise political statute, as shown by the diversity of its uses : one used to say sovetskij narod ´ sovietic people ª and now talk about mnogonacionalínyj narod, ´ multiethnic people ª of the Russian Federation.
From the political et juridical point of view, the current statute of the Evenk is that of malyj narod ´ small people ª ou malochislennyj narod ´ people of feeble numerical import ª, belonging more precisely to the category of malye narodnosti Severa ´ small Northern ethnic group ª. This qualification covers the recognition of an ethnical identity and the grant of spÍcific rights to the group and its members.

During soviet times, the Evenk were also described, depending upon the context, as a narodností, " ethnic group ", or a nacionalínoe meníshinstvo " ethnic minority " (in the sense of "national minority").
cf.SergueÔ Sakhno (UniversitÈ Paris 10, DÈpartement díÈtudes slaves). " Peuple ", "Nation " and " Ethnos " dans le discours russe, forthcoming in Strates, Nanterre.

Author(s): S.Sakhno / R.Hamayon
Date created: 2003-10-13 - Date modified: 2004-04-16

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